SHIPS IN JULY 2021! (The GEN2 is COMPLETE! - 1st lot of GEN2s being produced right now!!)

GEN2 - Wireless-L.E.D. Motorcycle Backpack/Tech pack
(All L.E.D.s are waterproof and shockproof!)
INCLUDES: Backpack, L.E.D.s, Rechargeable Battery, 120v USB-C Charging Cable, 1.5L Hydration bag, Solar Charging Kit (16mAh), and Mobile App. (Battery life approx. 12 hours per charge).

Riders can customize their LED experience with VATA7 Mobile App available for Google Play & Apple.

VATA7-GEN2 Tech Pack w/ LEDs, Hydration Bag & Solar Charging

  • Made of high quality materials. Most likely the nicest backpack you've ever seen. 

    • Bright - Long Life LEDs! (50,000 Life Hours!)
    • 1.5L Hydration bag
    • 16mAh Solar Charging Kit with USB plug on soulder strap.
    • Aerodynamic Shape & Style
    • Vented back for cooler, comfortable ride.
    • Mobile App (Rider can customize LEDs)