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If you own/ride a motorcycle or snowmobile and want to sync your VATA7 gear to your motorcycle/snowmobile's lighting system you will need this Tx Unit.   Have more than one motorcycle or snowmobile?  Just connect a Tx Unit to each motorcycle and you can sync to whichever you want to ride with your VATA7 gear.  No need to buy gear for each bike.  Tx Units are easy to install, takes minutes. (See our V7 Tech School video: 


Some will have their shop install while doing maintenance.  We have support:


SHIPS IN 1 - 2 DAYS.  Please note, if you are purchasing a GEN2 or X1, you may already be receiving a FREE Tx Unit as a promo.  In this case, only order extra Tx Units if you have more than one moto or snowmobile to sync to.  Emauil us with questions:

WIRELESS - Tx UNIT) (Wirelessly Connect to your Motorcycle)