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In 2013 there were over 120,000 motorcycle fatalities, in which 73% occurred at night when the motorcyclist disappears into the darkness.

We have created wireless - illuminated motorcycle gear that will help motorcyclists and their passengers be MORE visible during the day, and especially at night!

Our first product to launch is our very popular, and MOST asked for.... VATA7-PACK! Our motorcycle backpack is water proof, aerodynamic with a PU leather. light weight shell, padded backing with air-flow grooves, and padded shoulder straps. Our red felt interior has lots of space, including a small-medium size pouch for a laptop, note book, iPad, and slots for office supplies, and much more!

Our 3 volt, SUPER bright LED lights are custom designed/made (NOT 12v) for very low current draw and longer hours of life, per charge. The LEDs are water proof and shock proof and have a 50,000 hour life span.

Our 3.7v battery has circuit board (PCB) protection to prevent over/under charging (VERY IMPORTANT), and come with a wall-plug, 120v charger. The battery life per charge with our VATA7-PACK is about 7 hours. One battery and one charger is included with each product purchase. Additional batteries and chargers can be purchased from our 'GEAR' page.

In 1986 the United States and Canada (Most other countries followed suit in 1998) passed a law called 'CENTRE' HIGH MOUNT STOP LAMP' (CHMSL) which requires all automobiles to have a brake light 48" above the ground for better visibility. Nothing has been required for motorcycle safety, since motorcycles are lower than 48" and their lights are well below the view of most automobiles. VATA7 changes all this, placing lights in 360 degree view, at or above the 48" above ground mark. And if a rider should be separated from their motorcycle for any reason, their lights on their VATA7 gear continue illuminating, and have more than a 1,000 meter range from the wireless transmitter (Tx) located on the motorcycle. Making the motorcyclist and their passengers more visible if they are sliding, rolling, traveling across the roadway, and more easily found where they lay rest, when EVERY second counts!

Lastly (and it's difficult to say 'Lastly' because there is SO much about our gear and circuit boards that will blow your mind presently and in the future!) our 'BRAINS' (PCBs), wireless transmitter Tx, about the size of a U.S. dime connects to a motorcycle's wiring system within minutes, with just 5 wires, located under the seat. Our wireless receiver (Rx) is located in every VATA7 product, about the size of a U.S. nickel, can 'Pair'/connect to any Tx, so that if you wanted to ride a different motorcycle, as long as it has a VATA7 Tx, your VATA7 gear (Rx) will connect within 10 seconds of starting the ignition switch. Just press the small button on the Rx within 10 seconds of turning your motorcycle on, all lights on the VATA7 gear will flash 3 times, acknowledging a successful connection. This only needs to be done once, unless you are pairing to a different Tx. There is NO limit to how many Rx units can pair to one Tx, so a rider can wear multiple VATA7 gear and pair to just one Tx per motorcycle. There are 281,474,976,710,656 automated addresses so that two or more motorcycles will not interfere with the others VATA7 functions.

We have other great gear being put together now, so keep checking back with us. Also, motorcycles and safety is our PASSION, and saving lives is a collective effort. Please email us with any input you may have, how we can better improve, to save even more lives, because just saving one life, makes all our hard work..... WORTH IT!

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