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Our VATA7 wireless transmitter (Tx) and wireless receiver (Rx) are MAGIC! About the size of a quarter, they have a 1,000 meter range between the two and 281,474,976,710,656 automatically generated addresses, so that no two riders will interfere with one another.

With a 3 volt input/output on the Rx side, connected directly to our 3 volt, custom LEDs, there is very little current (power) being drawn compared to all 12 volt LED systems by others. The reward in this is that our rechargeable 3.7 volt battery is very small, and lighter weight, with an average of 7 hours of operation per charge.

The Rx has a small push button that is easily accessible on the case and when pushed within ten seconds of turning on the motorcycle's ignition switch (which turns on our VATA7 Tx) will 'Pair' our VATA7 gear with the motorcycle's Tx unit, located under the seat, usually. The lights on the VATA7 gear will flash when the pairing is successful. There is no limit to how many VATA7 products (Rx units) can pair with ONE Tx, so a rider and its passengers can wear multiple VATA7 products and be paired to just ONE Tx. With that said, if two or more motorcycle riders are riding in a group the riders have the option to pair with the 'leader' so that all the rider's (and passenger's) VATA7 gear illuminate the identical signals, at the same time. Many options are available for the rider(s) to create for themselves, their own scenario.

The Tx can be wired in just minutes! We provide a typical wiring diagram showing multiple motorcycle's manufacturer's wiring systems to help connect 5 wires, usually under the motorcycle seat. Once connected and paired with our wireless Rx located in each of our VATA7 products, as soon as the motorcycle ignition switch is turned on, all lights on our VATA7 products illuminate at half power. This is normal function, unless a brake light or turn signal is activated. The brake lights and turn signals on our VATA7 gear are a MIRROR reflection of what's seen on the motorcycle's lighting.

All in all, our VATA7 'BRAINS' are truly the shit!

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