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VATA7's Pro Purchase Program

We at VATA7 appreciate HUGELY those who help others or help others be AWESOME! We are offering a Pro Purchasing Program for the Ski Patrol, Ski and Snowboard Instructors, Firefighters, EMS, Avalanche Rescue, Police, Military, Veterans and others.

To receive a 20% discount off your purchase of ANY VATA7 gear, accessories, swag, etc. please email us at: with the following information:

1. Your Name:

2. Birthday:

3. Organization you volunteer/work for (NSP/PSIA/AASI/AAA/NPA/IAFF/etc,)

4. Your Mailing Address:

5. Phone Number:

6. Email Address:

We will then send you an email with your discount code.

VATA7 will carry this Pro Purchasing Program as long as it is not abused and people appreciate it. Please, if you do use it post our gear in action on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube and add #vata7 @vata7 we would GREATLY appreciate you! **We will have contests now and then for most shares.

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